Is Sex Important For Your Relationship? [Few Basic Things to Consider]

When it comes to sex in relationships, we consider it the default ‘yes’. However, sex in a relationship is nothing like one-size-fits-all. Everyone shares a different level of intimacy with their partners and hence sex holds different importance for couples. At the end of the day, it depends on personal beliefs, physical desires for sex & the type of relationship you share with your partner.

You can be in a relationship with no sex!

This may seem surprising but it is true! A lot of people have happy, content & healthy romantic relationships with their partner without having sexual intimacies. They may perform intercourse less often than others but it does not make any difference in the love and bonding they share.

Here are a few reasons why people may opt for no sex or less sex in a relationship:

  • They have the low sex drive
  • People have some chronic pain condition that doesn’t want them to have sex
  • Some people want to date for a longer period before they proceed to sexual intimacy
  • Unmarried people

Overall, having sex less than others or not having sexual intimacy does not mean you have an unhealthy relationship with your partner.

Having sex regularly has a lot of benefits…

If you’re thinking of not having sex more often or secretly suffering from any sexual disorder that stops you from having sexual pleasure then talk to your healthcare provider. You’ve got so many oral remedies that allow you to normalize your sex drive without experiencing the symptoms of sexual dysfunctions. For instance, prescription drugs like Vidalista 10, Kamagra, Femalegra, Fildena, etc are available. They’re prescribed according to the patient’s medical health conditions and severity levels of ED. Thus, you can find an effective solution and you don’t need to crave sex but enjoy it to the fullest.

You never know sex has so many benefits. Here are a few you can cherish while romancing and making love to your partner.

  • Take it as a golden opportunity to bond with your partner
  • It is the best way for expressing love and affection toward each other
  • Sex creates a feeling of security among partners
  • You explore new ways to please your partner in the way they like
  • Sexual intimacies are so much pleasurable and fun
  • It may lead you to pregnancy which you might be craving for family planning

Besides this, having sex regularly has a distinct set of benefits for your physical as well as emotional health. It is good for your body, brain as well as relationship.

Importance of Sex on Physical and Emotional Well-being

Some of the emotional motivations to have sex could be the following:

  • Boosts self-confidence
  • You can connect with your body in a pleasurable way
  • It’s the best time to make the bond stronger with your partner
  • Sex is a stress-reliever
  • You don’t experience performance anxiety & feel body-positivity

Similarly, here are a few physical benefits of sexual intimacies:

  • It is a great immunity booster
  • Sex is nothing but a form of light exercise
  • Good for your heart health
  • Boosts cognitive functions
  • Help relieve headaches

Final Lines

Needless to say, everyone takes sexual activity differently. You don’t always need to engage in sexual intimacies for expressing love. On the other hand, sex can be the purest form of love you can express to your partner. It is up to you!