How to Achieve Stronger Erections?

Can you move the shaft of your penis up and down 10 times using just your muscles? Could you ever do it? How hard was it?

During an erection, blood pours into vessels in the shaft of the penis and is held there by increased fluid pressure, the involuntary muscles (which you cannot actively control), and the voluntary muscles in the pelvic floor muscles (muscles you can control). The quality and duration of the erection can be correlated with its capacity to control the voluntary pelvic floor muscles. The next time you get an erection (either alone or with a willing partner), take a side look at your penis in a mirror and assess how swollen your penis is and see if it’s difficult to get one to maintain an erection.

It’s more than just a party trick! When you try to move your penis, you activate the hamstring, one of the voluntary muscles in the pelvic floor that helps maintain an erection. Poor control of this muscle can play a role in difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. Many men have difficulty controlling their pelvic floor muscles, which can lead not only to erection problems but also to pelvic pain and incontinence. This is where pelvic floor physiotherapy can help!

While weakness can cause difficulty in maintaining an erection, strengthening your pelvic floor can improve the quality and duration of erections. A full examination of your pelvic floor by a qualified physical therapist will examine your pelvic region for spasms and weakness that may be involved in pelvic problems, including a weak ischiocavernosus. Using these insights, we will build a comprehensive program that combines manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and biofeedback techniques to correct the problem. If you want the immediate result in achieving an erection, you can take ED medicines like Vidalista 20mg, Vilitra 20mg but make sure you consult a doctor first.