Erectile Dysfunction in Teenagers

Erectile dysfunction happens when you can’t get or maintain an erection. It can occur when you masturbate or if you have with a person else. Believes that erectile disorder is most effective takes place in older guys. This can be disturbing and embarrassing for the teen, but you are not the only one. About 10 percent of teens suffer from erectile dysfunction and you should take it as it will never be fixed. Seeking help for sexual problems at an early age can make contributions to a happier and healthier sex life as an adult.

When Can Teens Get ED?

Erectile dysfunction is possible in young adults. Even if you’re new to sexual activity, you could have encountered erection issues while masturbating. You should note a few things:

  • Erectile disorders can arise at any age.
  • It is more common than you think
  • Having erection issues as a teen does not imply you will not get an erection forever.

It is important to note that having erection issues at a young age does not mean you have erectile dysfunction. Accidental or unreliable erections can also be a signal of puberty. Most men assume that erectile disorder mostly occurs in guys over the age of forty, however, it is simply now no longer true. A study shows that 35% of men between 18 to 25 years of age have erectile disorder.

Google statistics on the erectile disorder in young adults, show over 100,000 teenagers have erectile dysfunction. When you positioned all this proof together, it does not take much to discover that erectile disorder in young adults is not uncommon as we first thought.

If you have erectile dysfunction you should talk to your doctor to find a solution. He may recommend lifestyle adjustments like quitting smoking and drug use. Exercising regularly can also help a lot in gaining back erections. Taking full sleep can also bring some improvement in your erections. And if any of these recommendations do not work, the doctor may prescribe you ED medications like Fildena 100mg or Cenforce 100mg and advice your dose according to the severity of ED.